Ultimate Leather Car Interior Service Kit (Reduced price from £89.95)


For use on all finished car Leathers this Kit contains 150ml of Auto Leather Mousse ,Auto Leather Complete Protector, Auto Leather Fresh, Leather Essence , Leather Filler , Leather Ink Remover , Leather Glue , 15ml of ScuffAway (choice of 39 colours) plus Craft Knife ,Cotton Buds, Spatulas, Two sponges and Four Cloths .
Keep this kit in your Car and should you have any accidents or spillage’s or you are simply Maintaining your Leather this Ultimate Kit is at Hand.


£64.95 !!!!!!!!!!!! FREE DELIVERY Buy this amazing Kit at a greatly reduced price should be £89.95 if bought as separate products.
This Ultimate Leather Car Interior Service Kit contains everything you will need to Clean, Protect and Maintain your Cherished Car Leather Interior.This also contains all the emergency repair products you may need should you damage or get ink on your leather .
We even include a bottle of ScuffAway colour should you scratch your expensive Leather interior. Finish off with our amazing Leather Essence

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Albino White 90, Aluminium 032, Apple Green 118, Apricot 025, Black 024, Bordeaux 019, Camel Brown 008, Canary 035, Cream 004, Cream 13, Emerald Green 104, Green 119, Lido White 92, Light Blue 2, Light Cream 64, Light Grey 022, Medium Blue 020, Medium Brown 006, Medium Grey 014, Medium Red 31, Natural 012, Orange Brown Fauve 009, Pastel Green 109, Pastel Grey 108, Pastel Pink 107, Pastel Yellow 106, Pink 30, Red Brown 013, Salmon 055, Sea Green Blue 031, Silver 40, Silver Blue 40, Sky Blue 1, Soft Blue 76, Sunset Red 028, Tomato 058, Turquoise 038, White 001, Yellow Beige 72


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