LCS Professional Leather Degreaser


For all Smooth Leathers and Aniline Leather
Not suitable for Suede or Nubuck.

Test degreaser on hidden area to check for colour loss. As with all Aerosols Do not spray around naked flames or any sources of ignition. Make sure the room is well ventilated and of course keep out of reach of children and pets. Always refer to usage instructions and any warnings on the label


“Used by Us The Proffesionals” This Rapid acting leather degreaser is for all types of smooth leather and has been used by Leathercraft Uk successfully for Many Years . This product works Amazingly comes in a 200ml Aerosol and Removes body oils built up on arm & head rests and anywhere there is a build up of grease.
Can also be used on handles or straps on handbags which generally gets darker over time, as the oils from you skin builds up on the handles.
Use on cuffs & collars of leather jackets anywhere that has a build up of body oils.
This product was designed with professional use in mind but can be safetly used at home if care is taken.

Colour loss may occur on some types of leather, particulary aniline.
Notice: This is an Aerosol which is prohibited on Air Mail delivery services, delivery to UK mainland addresses only

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